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About James Luo

Dr. James Luo: Top 10 IP Lawyer in Beijing

Dr. James Luo, Managing Partner of Lawjay Partners, is counsel of choice for international clients. He is presently ranked by Legalband as a Band-1 Leading Individual in IP Litigationand by MIP as a Trademark Star, and is recognized as and is recognized as among the leading IP lawyers in China by Who’s Who Legal, World Trademark Review and Chambers and Partners. Every year, James represents various top luxury brands and world- famous marks in more than a hundred lawsuits for trademark and copyright infringement.

Recently, the Supreme Court and the PRC National Bar Association respectively ranked the “竹家庄避风塘 & Device” trademark dispute case he handled as among the Top 10 IP Litigation Cases in China. The joint civil actions of Burberry, Chanel, LVM and Prada against Guangzhou Baiyun Leather Market, Guangzhou Yi Ma Fashion Market for trademark infringement were ranked as among the QBPC’s Top Ten Best Practice Cases for 2015-2016. The Supreme Court also ranked LVM’s landlord liability case against Hefei Baima Market as among the 2014 Top 50 Best Practices IP Litigation Cases in China, while other cases were selected as Top 10 IP Litigation Cases in other provinces.

James had recently been appointed as an Expert of the Expert Advisers Committee of the Supreme People’s Court’s IP Case Law Center. James was recognized by the Beijing Bar Association in 2013 as among the Top 10 IP Lawyers in Beijing, and in 2015 as an Outstanding Committee Director having chaired its Trademark Committee which was also recognized as an Outstanding Committee.

James is the counsel of choice among owners of top luxury brands and world-famous marks, among them being Gucci, Ermenegildo Zegna and Microsoft. Likewise, he regularly works with prestigious international law firms such as Bird & Bird, Mayer Brown JSM, Finlaysons, Knobbe Martens, Rutan & Tucker LLP and Awapatent. Every year, James represents various international clients in more than a hundred civil and criminal lawsuits for trademark and copyright infringement.

With over 20 years’ experience, James is an established authority in IP litigation and enforcement. He is a former IP partner at Bird & Bird and had worked for Baker & McKenzie, Motorola and prestigious PRC law firms. He once served as Chair of the China Sub-Committee of INTA’s Anti-Counterfeiting Committee, and Vice Chair of the Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC).

As among the most influential figures in China’s IP practice, James had been instrumental in countless legal reforms in China’s IP regime. During the recent amendment of the Trademark Law, he was sought to provide comments on its corresponding Implementing Regulations, TRAB rules and judicial interpretations.

James earned his PhD in IP at Renmin University of China and his LLM in IP at King’s College London, and was a visiting scholar to the University of London and a visiting researcher at Franklin Pierce Law Center. James is a guest professor at the Renmin University of China School of Law and the China University of Political Science and Law, and he frequently speaks at domestic and international conferences.  

Articles on James Luo


James Luo: Defender of Intellectual Property Rights (English)

Chinese Talk Show, HRTV, 27 October 2015

Renowned IP expert James Luo talks about his assessment on China’s current IP protection and enforcement, the new IP court system, IP litigation in China and the strategies used by international brands. He likewise shares his experience working with top international brands and his advice to Chinese companies who want to enter the global stage.


Creating an Innovative Nation Requires IP Protection (Chinese, with English subtitles)

China Talk, CNTV, 25 November 2013

On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, top IP lawyer James Luo explains the importance of innovation and IP to China's rise, which is why it is necessary to strengthen IP protection. He gives an overview of China's IP enforcement mechanisms and how landlord liability actions effective deter trade mark counterfeiting, and provides helpful advice on registering trade marks and preventing IP infringements in China, and shares his views on how IP law should be taught and his outlook on the future of IP protection in China.