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Activities (2000 and Prior)

Activities (2000 and Prior)


  • Nov. 2000, appointed by Baker & McKenzie, James Luo had the honor of attending a three-week long high-level training course on English legal writing, which was held in Singapore and co-lectured by professors from John Marshall Law School (US) and senior partners from Baker & McKenzie.

  • Oct. 2000, after he had received a master’s degree in IP law from King’s College London, James Luo joined the IP Department of the Hong Kong Office of Baker & McKenzie where he focused in IP-related work.

Prior to 2000

  • 1999, the Ministry of Justice and University College London co-selected twelve Chinese lawyers from a nationwide candidate pool for overseas study in the UK.  James Luo was honorably selected for the Training Project for Young Lawyers sponsored by the British government.

  • 1998, sponsored by the China Scholarship Council, James Luo studied in the UK for one year as a visiting scholar.

  • May 1998, James Luo worked for the Beijing Office of Denton Wilde Sapte Law Firm as a visiting attorney and dealt with IP-related issues.

  • Oct. 1996, acting for the Plaintiff, James Luo sued for the infringement of the trademark "Meng Di Ka Luo" ("蒙地卡罗" in Chinese) and unfair competition. The claimed amount of compensation was RMB 10,000,000.  This case was broadly reported by Hong Kong and Guangzhou media.

  • Oct. 1994, James Luo joined Beijing Beidou Law Firm and represented clients in litigious matters.

  • May 1993, James Luo joined NTD Patent & Trademark Agency Ltd. where he focused on trademark issues involving foreign interests.

  • Sep. 1991, acting as legal counsel, James Luo filed applications with local AICs in Hebei Province for AIC raids against infringements upon "Jian She Pai" ("建设牌"in Chinese), a registered trademark of Beijing Auckland Building Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd.

  • Jul. 1991, after his graduation from Renmin University Law School, James Luo joined Beijing Auckland Building Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd. (a Sino-US joint venture) and served as Chief Legal Counsel.

  • Sep. 1989, James Luo entered Renmin University Law School and majored in IPR Law.  1991, James Luo received his second bachelor’s degree.

  • Sep. 1985, James Luo entered the Foreign Language Department of Anhui Normal University and majored in English Literature. 1989, James Luo received his bachelor’s degree in English Literature.

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