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Trademarks & Anti-Unfair Competition Practice

Lawjay Partners is most known for its trademark litigation and anti-unfair competition practice for which it has garnered international acclaim. We handle among the world's most famous brands, safeguarding and maximizing the value of their intellectual property across China.

Lawjay Partners stands at the forefront of trademark protection in China, actively lobbying for reforms to China's trademarks system, and had pioneered various effective measures and strategies to combat trademark infringement and counterfeiting such as landlord/market management liability for trademark infringement or counterfeiting.

Trademarks & Anti-Unfair Competition Services

  • Trademark prosecution:

  • Trademark search and evaluation of registrability

  • Trademark Registration

  • Domain name advisory services involving trademark protection

  • International trademark registration

  • Facilitate trademark assignment and licensing agreements, and other commercial transactions involving trademarks

  • Facilitate recordals of trademark assignments and licenses

  • Perform trademark due diligence and audits to identify "blind spots" in their portfolios that require immediate attention.

  • Trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings

  • Trademark and anti-unfair competition litigation

  • Providing advice and support on overall strategy, including separation of high level infringers from low level infringers; advising on the level of enforcement merited

  • Conducting surveys and market sweeps to find which infringers require special treatment in the form of, for example, criminal prosecutions, local protectionism cases or judicial actions in the People's Court

  • Managing in-depth investigations, liaising with the relevant administrative and criminal enforcement agencies for administrative and criminal raids!

  • Attending raid actions where the target requires high level involvement e.g. criminal prosecution or high profile civil proceedings

  • Representing clients in civil and criminal actions, preparing litigation strategy, applying for preliminary injunctions, assets preservation and/or evidence preservation

  • Carrying out informal actions in the form of sending cease and desist letters

  • Assisting with customs enforcement: applying to the General Administration of Customs for IP recordals, applying to seize infringing products, coordinating verification of counterfeiting, seek transfer of cases to the police for criminal investigation, etc.

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