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State Council Opinions To Promote Information Consumption and Expand Domestic Demands


 On August 8, 2013, the State Council issued Several Opinions on Promoting Information Consumption and Expanding Domestic Demands (Guo Fa [2013] No. 32, “the Opinions”), and emphasized the following key points:

  • Potential of information consumption market: By 2015, the scale of information consumption will exceed RMB 3.2 trillion with an annual growth of 20%. Such consumption will stimulate RMB 1.2 trillion additional output of related industries. The consumption scale based on Internet is more than RMB 2.4 trillion, with the annual growth of more than 30%.

  • Broadband access coverage: The targets of broadband Internet accessibility respectively are: (1) 20Mbps in urban households, (2) 100Mbps in some selected cities, (3) 4Mbps in rural households and (5) the coverage of broadband Internet in villages across China shall be no less than 95%.

  • Scale of E-commerce transaction: In 2012[?], the scale of E-commerce transaction was up to RMB 8 trillion, 1.3 trillion of such transactions came from online retail. It is estimated that by 2015 such scale will be over RMB 18 trillion and online retail turnover will surpass RMB 3 trillion.

  • Domestic market demand: The establishment of long-term information consumption mechanism will promote fair competition and share of information resources, guide enterprises to look to domestic market demand and encourage pluralistic development. The Opinions also pointed out the importance of protecting personal information.

  • Further improvement: The Opinions clearly required government agencies to deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval system, strengthen the fiscal policy support, improve corporate financing environment, enhance the telecommunication services, reinforce laws, regulations and standards, and expand information consumption statistics monitoring and pilot project.