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Jianmin Chen

Jianmin Chen
Senior Counsel
Location: Beijing
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Prof. Jianmin Chen is concurrently a Senior Consultant with Lawjay Partners, an Associate Professor and Supervisor of Intellectual Property Law, and also person in-charge of clinical legal education at Tsinghua University School of Law. She has visited more than 10 universities in different countries for professional seminars and trainings, such as the United States, European countries, Australia, South Africa, South America, and Asia, etc.

She focuses her intellectual property (IP) practice on patent infringement, patent contractual disputes, patent invalidation litigation, she also handles cases related to trademark and software infringement.

Prof. Chen, obtained her patent agent qualification in 1984, and has significant experience in the practice of law concerning IP rights litigation in China. In addition, she is an associate professor at Tsinghua Law School with profound theoretical knowledge, and many ofthe cases she has handled have had a national impact.  In 2005, Prof. Chen was recommended as an expert in the National Intellectual Property Strategy Talent Pool.

Key IP Litigations

  • Disputes on patent ownership of pile driving (included in White Paper on Intellectual Property Protection issued by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China)

  • Patent infringement of the Input method of Chinese characters through the Five Strokes (considered as the most influential IP case in China at that time)

  • “Bildt's” patent ownership and patent infringement (including six cases)

  • Represented the Japanese Shou company on patent infringement of its propelling, technical pencil

  • Represented Motorola on a patent infringement case. This was the largest claim in patent litigation in China, at that time.

  • Motorola vs. Shanghai DBTEL Inc. This is the largest claim in copyright litigation in China to date.

  • “Great Wall” trademark infringement

  • Nokia vs. Qualcomm on patent infringement


Prof. Chen has edited numerous books on IP and published dozens of articles in Legal Daily and other IP magazines.


  • Member, Intellectual Property Committee of All China Lawyers Association

  • Director, Civil and Commercial Institute of Beijing Law Society

  • Director, Social Institute of China Law Society.

Professional Experience

  • 1998 to present, Tsinghua University School of Law

  • 1986 to 1998,  Renmin University of China Second Branch

  • 1983 to 1986,  China Academy of Social Sciences

Practice Areas