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James Luo expressed his opinions over the proposed provisions on supplementary evidence under the Draft Trademark Law Implementing Regulations


SAIC recently published the Trademark Review and Adjudication Rules (Draft) for public consultation. It will be the third amendment after 2002 and 2005's amendment. If the amendment passes, the new Rules will take effective on May 1, 2014.

James Luo, Managing Partner of Lawjay Partners, affirmed the positive significance of evidence being inadmissible prior to cross-examination, and also pointed out that the 30-day period for sumission of supplementary evidence is too short for foreign rights holders to complete the submission of their supplementary evidence.

Read the full story: "Proposed Reduction of Deadline for Submission of Supplementary Evidence to One Month under the Draft Trademark Law Implementing Regulations: will seriously affect evidence in foreign-related cases, according to Industry experts" [in Chinese]